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Bead Changes
In order to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, Just for Angels will be making changes to it's entire line of children's jewelry.  Any of the items made for children 12 years of age or younger will be made with lead safe beads such as Jablonex or other lead-free glass beads and pearls.  We will continue to use Swarovski crystals in all items for children 13 years of age and older as well as adult jewelry.  Please bear with us at this time of change as some items may differ slightly from their pictures.  We will try to make the jewelry as close to the pictures shown as possible.

Although Swarovski crystals have been proven to be safe since the lead is bonded in the silicate matrix of glass and as a result the strength of the bond prevents the lead from leaking out in an amount dangerous to humans, we will discontinue their use to comply with the CPSIA. 

Below is a list of materials that are exempt from the CPSIA ruling:

These materials or components can be used (separately or in combination) and sold:

* Precious gemstones:  diamond, ruby, sapphire or emeralds
* Semiprecious stones provided that the mineral or material is not based on lead and is not associated with any mineral based on lead
* Natural or cultured pearls
* Other natural materials including coral, amber, feathers, fur and leather
* Silver, at least 925/1000 pure
* Dyed or undyed textiles (cotton, wool, hemp, nylon, etc.), including children's fabric products such as baby blankets, and non-metallic thread and trim.  This does not include products that have rhinestones or other ornaments that may contain lead or that have fasteners with possible lead content (such as buttons, metal snaps, zippers or grommets). 
For more information, you can visit the CPSIA's web site: